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Freeze tolerance among tropical tree Acacia koa populations from different elevations


Douglass F Jacobs Keith E Woeste, Lilian M. Ayala-Jacobo


Koa (Acacia koa A. Gray) is a charismatic tree species endemic to Hawaii that plays an important role, socioeconomically, culturally and ecologically in the Hawaiian Islands. Koa forests in Hawaii have been heavily depleted and degraded due to harvesting a...

cold acclimation cold tolerance Electrolyte leakage elevational gradient forest restoration Forestry and Natural Resources freeze hardiness frost damage

Cold and heat tolerances of Juglans cinerea, Juglans ailantifolia, and their hybrids


Andrea N Brennan, Douglass F Jacobs Mercedes Uscola, Robert James Joly


Hybridization could incorporate traits to native species for surviving detrimental global change. However, to serve as an effective substitute for restoration, hybrids must survive and reproduce in the same distribution as the target species. An ecophysiol...

Abiotic stress Butternut Chlorophyll fluorescence Electrolyte leakage Extreme temperature stress Forestry and Natural Resources Hybridization Japanese walnut White walnut

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