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Digital Image, X-ray CT , XRD and Ultrasonic Data Sets for Damage Mechanics Challenge on Brittle-Ductile Material


Liyang Jiang, Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte Hongkyu Yoon, Antonio Bobet, Joseph Morris


This data set provides data from other measurements on the samples used in the Damage Mechanics Challenge on Brittle-Ductile materials. The load-displacement data, material properties and fracture surface roughness data were published under Jiang, L., Yoo...

Digital Image Correlation during Fracturing 3D Xray Tomographic Images of Fractures 3D printed material Additively Manufactured Samples Fracture Mechanics Brittle-Ductile Material

Linking Pressure and Saturation through Interfacial Areas in Porous Media


C. Berentsen, Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte S. Hassanizadeh, V. Niasar


Using transparent microfluidic cells to study the two-phase properties of a synthetic porous medium, we establish that the interfacial area per volume between nonwetting and wetting fluids lifts the ambiguity associated with the hysteretic relationship bet...

Drainage Physics

Measurement of Interfacial Area per Volume for Drainage and Imbibition - S6dc


Daiquan Chen, Jessica Griffin, Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte Nicholas Giordano


We investigate experimentally the functional relationship between capillary pressure, Pc, wetting phase saturation, Sw, and interfacial area per volume between the wetting and nonwetting phases, awn, for drainage and imbibition processes in micromodels of...

Drainage Physics

Relating Capillary Pressure to Interfacial Areas - S70


Daiquan Chen, David Nolte, Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte Nicholas Giordano


Experiments were performed on transparent two-dimensional microfluidic porous systems to investigate the relationships among capillary pressure and the interfacial areas per volume between two fluid phases and one solid phase. Capillary pressures were calc...

Drainage Physics

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