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Spotted knapweed spread and plant community changes in a lacustrine dune system


Jordan M Marshall


Perched sand dunes are vulnerable ecosystems along the Great Lakes, including Grand Sable Dunes in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Spotted knapweed is a non-native plant species that has colonized these dunes and spread into increasingly more areas of t...

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Algae Computational methods Inherent optical properties Lake Freeman Lake Salamonie Lake Shafer Mississinewa Reservoir Water Quality

Comparison of Old Field And Restoration at Salomon Farm Park, Indiana


Jordan M Marshall


The main objective of plant community restoration is often to return an ecosystem to its historic successional trajectory. It can also be the result of other restoration, as was the case at Salomon Farm Park, Indiana where a ditch was moved to add sinuosit...

Ecological Plant Surveys of Little Wabash River Nature Preserve, Indiana


Jordan M Marshall


Little Wabash River Nature Preserve (LWRNP) is a 14.2 ha property of important geological terrain associated with the Wisconsin glaciation age Maumee Torrent. The flow of water carved out a geographically unique passage in the landscape, the variance in te...

Competitive Interactions Between Two Non-Native Species (Alliaria petiolata and Hesperis matronalis) and a Native Species (Ageratina altissima)


Jordan M Marshall Kassandra Paulus


Alliaria petiolata and Hesperis matronalis are wide-ranging non-native species in North America. Ageratina altissima is native to North America but has become a concern as an invasive species in Asia. A replacement series experiment was established to quan...

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