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Comparison of Old Field And Restoration at Salomon Farm Park, Indiana


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Comparison of plant communities in two adjacent fields - restoration and old field. Plant surveys conducted in 2018 following restoration in 2016.

Biology Ecological Applications Ecology Plant Diversity plant survey Restoration

Ecological Plant Surveys of Little Wabash River Nature Preserve, Indiana


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Plot based plant survey of Little Wabash River Nature Preserve and environmental characteristics.

Allen County Biology Ecology Indiana Nature Preserve Plant Diversity plant survey

Spotted knapweed spread and plant community changes in a lacustrine dune system


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Spotted knapwed is a non-native species that has colonized the Grand Sable Dunes. Between survey years (2003-2018), it has become a dominant, important species in areas once uninvaded, may be facilitating stabilization and converging communities.

Biology Centaurea stoebe Ecology Great Lakes Invasive Species plant survey Sand Dunes Succession

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