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Soft Drink Delivery


James D. McGlothlin


VIdeo of Soft Drink Delivery

Ergonomics Health Sciences Human Factors Nutrition Video Exposure Monitoring

Separating Fractal and Oscillatory Components in the Power Spectrum of Neurophysiological Signal


Haiguang Wen, Zhongming Liu, 0000-0002-8773-4204


Matlab toolbox for separating the fractal (scale-free) component and oscillatory component in the power spectrum from the mixed time series

Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering fractal scale-free

Tower Sunflower Polarization (916403)


Vern C. Vanderbilt


The purpose of this experiment was to characterize the polarization of a 100 meter by 100 meter sunflower plot at the Montfavet INRA facility, France

Agriculture Barnes 12-1000 Cimel Crop Science Crops Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing LARS radiometer Remote Sensing Soil Science solar illumination spectral observations Sunflower

The influence of migration and habitat on vertebrate genetic diversity


Janna Renee Willoughby


Supplementary data for publication focused on analyzing the link between migratory behavior, habitat, and taxonomic Class to standing genetic diversity in various vertebrate species.

Forestry and Natural Resources Genetic Diversity microsatellite Migration

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