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Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers in Wheat Production in Manitoba, Canada


Mario Tenuta, Matthew Wood, Xiaopeng Gao, 0000-0002-6970-866X


This project was conducted to quantify and compare the application time (fall, spring) and source (EEF, non-EEF) effects of nitrogen fertilizers on nitrous oxide emissions and agronomic measurements of spring wheat in southern Manitoba, Canada.

4R 4R Nutrient Management Agronomy Canada Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Fall Application Hard Red Spring Wheat IPNI Manitoba N Timing N2O emission Nitrogen Fertilizer Nitrogen Use Efficiency Nitrous Oxide

Evaluation of nitrogen stabilizers - nitrogen use efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta cereal crops


Dick Puurveen, Len Kryzanowski, Miles Dyck, Yuanpei Gao


These data files summarize spring wheat yields and annual soil N2O emissions (non-steady-state chamber measurements) at two sites in Alberta, Canada (Lethbridge and Ellerslie) over 2016 and 2017.

4R Agronomy IPNI Nitrogen Fertilizer Nitrous Oxide Soil Emissions

STEM Hopes and Goals for Elementary Students


Johannes Strobel, Kerrie A Douglas, 0000-0002-2693-5272


This is the Hopes and Goals survey published in Douglas, K. A., & Strobel, J. (2015). Hopes and Goals Survey for use in STEM elementary education. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 25(2), 245-259....

Engineering Education Motivation Assessment STEM STEM Education

LIS-Noah daily hydroclimatic dataset for ten U.S. Midwest sites 1980-2012


Elin M Jacobs, 0000-0001-5697-7628


Simulated dataset with air temperature, precipitation, ET, soil water content (4 layers) and soil temperature (4 layers) at a daily time scale (1980-2012) for ten 4 by 4 km grids across the U.S. Midwest.

Climate Evapotranspiration Forestry and Natural Resources Hydroclimate Land Surface Model LDAS Midwest Precipitation Soil Water Content Temperature

Global coexpression analysis of genes in haplotype-phased genome of tetraploid blueberry.


Jennifer Wisecaver, 0000-0001-6843-5906, Patrick Edger


Global coexpression analysis of blueberry genome identify genes co-regulated during fruit development and associated with phytonutrient biosynthesis

Biochemistry Blueberry Gene Expression Plant Metabolism RStudio

In-situ TEM Compression Pillar Test video for Fe-9%Cr ODS alloy and nanocrystalline Cu-24%Ta


Haozheng Qu, Janelle Wharry, 0000-0001-7791-4394, Kayla Yano, Matthew Swenson, Priyam Vivek Patki


These videos are supplementary videos for JMR article "Understanding Plasticity in Irradiated Alloys through TEM in situ Compression Pillar Tests".

Nuclear Engineering radiation effects Stress/Strain Relationship Transmission Electron Microscopy Video

A Multi-state Model of the CaMKII Holoenzyme using MCell 3.3


Matthew C Pharris, Tamara L Kinzer-Ursem, 0000-0001-7343-115X


This model uses a specialized rule-based syntax in MCell 3.3 to model the twelve-subunit CaMKII holoenzyme without inducing combinatorial explosion. The model allows us to explore the regulation of CaMKII activation and autophosphorylation.

Biomedical Engineering Calmodulin Computational Modeling Neuroscience Protein Signaling

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