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Digital Image, X-ray CT , XRD and Ultrasonic Data Sets for Damage Mechanics Challenge on Brittle-Ductile Material


Liyang Jiang, Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte, Hongkyu Yoon, Antonio Bobet, Joseph Morris


This data set provides data from other measurements on the samples used in the Damage Mechanics Challenge on Brittle-Ductile materials. The load-displacement data, material properties and fracture surface roughness data were published under Jiang, L., Yoo...

Digital Image Correlation during Fracturing 3D Xray Tomographic Images of Fractures 3D printed material Additively Manufactured Samples Fracture Mechanics Brittle-Ductile Material

Calibration Data Set for Damage Mechanics Challenge on Brittle-Ductile Material


Antonio Bobet, Hongkyu Yoon, Joseph Morris, Laura J Pyrak-Nolte, Liyang Jiang


The reliability and sustainability of civil infrastructure, the human body and the Earth's subsurface all depend on our ability to monitor existing and evolving damage. Damage is a key mode of failure of civil infrastructure, components of the human bo...

3D printed material Benchmark Data Sets Civil Engineering Fracture Geometry Fractures Geomechanics Rock Mechanics

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