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Method for Extracting True Stress and Strain Hardening Coefficient from TEM in situ Compression Testing


Haozheng Qu, Janelle Wharry, Kayla Yano, Matthew Swenson, Priyam Patki


This algorithm package was developed for the Journal of Magnetic Resonance (JMR) article "Understanding Plasticity in Irradiated Alloys through TEM in situ Compression Pillar Tests." It will be also accessible as open source code on Github after publicatio...

Algorithms Analysis Tool Matlab Nuclear Engineering Strain Hardening Coefficient Stress/Strain Relationship Transmission Electron Microscopy

Building Information Modelling (BIM) data repository with labels


Jiansong Zhang, Jin Wu


The dataset contains five models with extracted elements for each model. The elements are manually labeled by researchers with construction/civil engineering backgrounds based on discussion and majority vote. Dataset files were created using Autodesk Re...

Algorithms Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Objects Building Construction Management Building Information Modelling (BIM) Construction Management Technology Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) Repository

Threading Without Optimizing Weighting Factor for the Scoring Function Proteins


Daisuke Kihara, David Yifeng


Optimizing weighting factors for a linear combination of terms in a scoring function is a crucial step for success in developing a threading algorithm. Usually weighting factors are optimized to yield the highest success rate on a training dataset, and the...

Algorithms Biochemistry Bioinformatics databases Molecular Biosciences Protein Proteins / chemistry

Limitations and Potentials of Current Motif Discovery Algorithms


Bin Li, Daisuke Kihara, Jianjun Hu


Computational methods for de novo identification of gene regulation elements, such as transcription factor binding sites, have proved to be useful for deciphering genetic regulatory networks. However, despite the availability of a large number of algorithm...

Algorithms Base Sequence Binding Sites Biochemistry Bioinformatics Computational Biology / Methods DNA/Chemistry DNA/methods Escherichia coli/Genetics Factors/Metabolism Markov Chains Markov Chains Regulatory Sequences Molecular Biosciences Regulon Sequence Alignment Sequence Analysis

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