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Purdue Libraries Graduate Research Focus Group Protocol


Clarence Maybee, David A Zwicky, Harold P Kirkwood Jr, Nastasha E Johnson


This document is the Purdue Libraries Graduate Research Focus Group Protocol as developed by Nastasha Johnson, Hal Kirkwood, Clarence Maybee, and David Zwicky. The project sought to understand the needs of graduate students of varying disciplines. It asks...

Education Library Science

Scaffolding for data management skills: From undergraduate education through postgraduate training and beyond


Megan Sapp Nelson


Initial work in identifying data management or data information literacy skills went as far as identifying a list of proposed competencies without further differentiation between those competencies, whether by discipline, complexity, or use case. This docu...

Data Education data information literacy data management skills data skills training Education Library Science

InfoSEAD protocol and sample memo


Michael Fosmire, Monica E. Cardella, Ruth Wertz, Senay Purzer


The Information Seeking, Evaluation, Application, and Documentation (InfoSEAD) protocol was developed to assess four areas of student information skills. '''Seeking:''' measuring the quantity and variety of information sources used...

Assessment Education Information Literacy Library Science

Task analysis cases and results for Ex Libris Primo at Purdue University Libraries


Marlen Promann, Tao Zhang


This study proposes hierarchical task analysis (HTA) as an important complementary evaluation method to usability testing of discovery layers. This data set presents the application of HTA as an expert based and workflow centered (e.g. retrieving a relevan...

Computer Science Library Science Library Website Primo Task Analysis

RDF mappings between SWEET and ENVO ontologies


Line C. Pouchard, Michael Huhns


Software used for producing the mappings: Citation :  Ontology Maker Light  Faria, D., Pesquita, C., Santos, E., Palmonari, M., Cruz, I. F., & Couto, F. M. (2013, Janu...

Library Science Ontology coverage

Member Universities of the Association of Research Libraries That Have Accredited Library and Information Science Degree Granting Programs


Michael Witt


Table of universities whose libraries belong to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) that have graduate degree programs in Library and Information Science (MLS-equivalent) with the name of university, name of library, name of unit that houses degree...

Academic and Research Libraries iSchools Library Science Library Science Education University Administration

Python Programming Exercise With Specimen Data for Two Snakes


Michael Witt, Olof Olsson, Sean P. Brophy


The Engineering in the World of Data Learning Community at Purdue University partnered with the Columbian Park Zoo on a co-curricular, educational program called Python With Pythons in January 2019. Zoo educators introduced two snakes to our 53 first-year...

Acrantophis dumerili Library Science Programming Python Python regius Reptiles Teaching and learning

Gardner's Art Through the Ages - Illustrations Data


Jean Pierre V.M. Herubel, Matthew Hannah


Four Excel spreadsheets detailing content data from four editions of Gardner's Art Through the Ages. Data details number of images, maps, illustrations, pages, and describes content areas.

Art and Design Art History Digital Humanities History Library Science Painting

Gephi Tutorial Data - Mapping Topics in Philosophy Lectures by Gilles Deleuze


Sandi L Caldrone


This data accompanies a learning activity using Gephi, an open-source graphing tool, to visualize connections between topics in the work of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. [link to activity to be added when it's available in Sept 2020] French phi...

20th Century French Philosophy Gephi Gilles Deleuze Library Science Network Analysis Teaching and learning

RDAP 2021 COVID-19 Salute Pre-Keynote Video Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies


Ayn Reineke, Beth McNeil, Donna L Ferullo, Jarrod Hurt, Michael Witt, Sarah Reifel


The Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies were a sponsor of the 2021 Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Summit 2021 and created this video as a salute to our medical professionals and researchers as well as data-sharing an...

COVID-19 Library Science purdue libraries RDAP Research Data and Access Preservation Summit research data management Video

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