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OPCBSPL: Orthogonal polynomials relative to cardinal B-spline weight functions


Walter Gautschi, 0000-0001-9184-8899


A stable and efficient discretization procedure is developed to compute recurrence coefficients for orthogonal polynomials whose weight function is a polynomial cardinal B-spline of order greater than, or equal to, one.

B-spline Computer Science Mathematics Modification algorithms for orthogonal polynomials Orthogonal polynomials polynomials Walter Gautschi Archives weight functions

Scripts for a discrete top-down Markov problem in approximation theory


Walter Gautschi, 0000-0001-9184-8899


Matlab scripts for a discrete top-down Markov problem in approximation theory

approximation theory Computer Science Mathematics polynomials Walter Gautschi Archives

Scripts for the Ismail-Letessier-Askey (ILA) monotonicity conjecture for zeros of ultraspherical polynomials


Walter Gautschi, 0000-0001-9184-8899


Dataset contains matlab scripts for a paper dealing with the ILA monotonicity property for zeros of ultraspherical polynomials.

Computer Science Mathematics Matlab monotonicity polynomials ultraspherical polynomials Walter Gautschi Archives

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