subject: radiometer creator: K. Jon Ranson date: 2015

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Characterization Soybean Field Sun-View Angle (801802)


K. Jon Ranson


The purpose of this experiment is to characterize a soybean field by its reflectance at various view and illumination angles and by its physical and agronomic attributes. Reflectance measurements were acquired in the four Landsat wavelength bands through v...

Agriculture Crop Science Crops Exotech 100 LARS leaf transmittance radiometer reflectance Remote Sensing soil Soil Science Soybeans spectral observations

Purdue Agronomy Corn Sun-View Angle (821802)


K. Jon Ranson


The test took place in 1982. The supporting docs include a brief summary of used instruments, a wavelength table (Wavelength_ASCII.txt), reflectance note and reflectance tables (ReflectanceTable206.txt and ReflectanceTableMulti.txt), and file format des...

Agriculture Barnes 12-1000 Corn Crop Science Crops LARS radiometer Remote Sensing Soil Science solar illumination spectral observations

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