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Micromobility data set for Indianapolis


Darcy M. Bullock, Deborah Horton, Howell Li, Jijo K Mathew, Mingmin Liu


This data set includes 1-year of combined E-scooter trip data from two companies (Bird and Lime) which operated in the city of Indianapolis, IN between Sep 2018 and Aug 2019. During this period, nearly than 1.2 million trips were made on E-scooters that co...

Civil Engineering e-scooter JTRP micro mobility shared mobility trips

DRSP-Sim: A Simulator for Ride-sharing with Pooling: Joint Matching,Pricing, Route Planning, and Dispatching


Bharat Bhargava, Marina Haliem, Vaneet Aggarwal


This is NYC taxi trip records used as the real-world dataset for the comprehensive ride-sharing simulation available at: We use 2016-05 trips for training and 2016-06 trips for evaluation. To...

Computer Science Deep Q-Network Deep Reinforcement Learning ridesharing Route Planning shared mobility Vehicle Dispatching Vehicle Routing

CCAT COVID-19 Impact on Shared Mobility Survey


Konstantina Gkritza, Ricardo Chahine


The COVID-19 pandemic has exerted a widespread and unequal influence on travel behaviors, resulting in a decline in mobility across various modes of transportation. Notably, shared mobility services, including bike-sharing, e-scooter sharing, and ride-hail...

ccat COVID-19 shared mobility Survey transportation

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