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Soft Drink Delivery


James D. McGlothlin


Video of Soft Drink Delivery with supporting documentation from Studies performed at NIOSH

Ergonomics Health Sciences Human Factors Nutrition Video Exposure Monitoring

Separating Fractal and Oscillatory Components in the Power Spectrum of Neurophysiological Signal


Haiguang Wen, Zhongming Liu


Neurophysiological field-potential signals con- sist of both arrhythmic and rhythmic patterns indicative of the fractal and oscillatory dynamics arising from likely distinct mechanisms. Here, we present a new method, namely the irregular-resampling auto-sp...

Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering fractal scale-free

Critical Engineering Literacy Test (CELT)


Michael Fosmire, Ruth Wertz, Senay Purzer


The CELT download includes the blueprint for writing assessment items, and the content of the assessment itself. This version (4.1) has 2 parts, one on an engineering topic, and one on a biology topic. The correct responses are not indicated in this versio...

Assessment Education Engineering Education Environmental Engineering

Occurrences of MLL1 morphemes in human cDNAs retrieved from GenBank


Minou Bina, Phillip J. Wyss


The human genome may include overlapping codes to accommodate a wide-range of selective pressures imposed by various cellular requirements.  In this context, we have examined whether occurrences of MLL1 morphemes in exons of human genes may impose constrai...

Biochemistry Bioinformatics Chemistry Coding sequences Codon bias Codon selection Codon utilization CpG islands Exon Exons Genomics Human Genome MLL1 morphemes in CDSs MLL1 morphemes in exons Morphemes MLL1 Overlapping codes Regulatory codes in DNA Trithorax response elements

Grade 4 Student Knowledge Test (Landforms, Geotechnical Engineering)


Heidi A. Diefes-Dux


Student Knowledge Tests (SKTs) are 15 question multiple-choice tests designed to assess elementary (grade 2-4) students’ knowledge of the science and engineering content associated with a particular Engineering is Elementary (EiE) unit (

Education elementary student assessment Engineering Education

Purdue University Buildings Demolition, Construction Images, August 2014, MATH Building Camera


Alexander M. Hainen, Andrew Sydelko, Darcy M. Bullock, David Burford, Michael Witt


Purdue's campus landscape continues to change with the construction of new buildings and the remodel of old buildings. In 2012 the Engineering Administration Building (ENAD) and the iconic Heat and Power Plant-North (HPN) were targeted for demoliti...

Active Learning Center Building Construction Management building demolition Civil Engineering Construction Engineering and Management ENAD Demolition ENADALC Engineering Administration Building Heat and Power Plant-North Purdue University

Spectral Separability of Wheat and Other Cover Crops in North Dakota (771215)


Marvin E. Bauer


The purpose of this experiment is to determine the spectral separability of spring wheat and other cover types common to western North Dakota. These include: fallow, oats, barley, and winter wheat. These data were collected as a part of the LACIE Field Mea...

Agriculture Crop Science Crops Exotech 100 Exotech 20C-SW LARS radiometer Remote Sensing soil Soil Science solar illumination spectral observations spectrometer winter wheat

Engineering Identity Development Scale (EIDS)


Brenda Capobianco


The Engineering Identity Development Scale (EIDS) is a 20 item assessment intended to assess elementary (grades 1-5) students’ academic identity (5 items), school identity (4 items), occupational identity (7 items), and engineering aspirations (4 items), t...

Education elementary student assessment Engineering Education

Small Grains North Dakota (771212)


Marvin E. Bauer


The objective of this experiment is to determine if various small grains can be discriminated from each other based on their spectral reflectance. The experiment includes spring wheat, durum wheat, oats, and barley. This experiment is an expansion of the s...

Agriculture barley Crop Science Crops durum Exotech 100 Exotech 20C-SW LARS oats radiometer Remote Sensing Soil Science solar illumination spectral observations spectrometer spring wheat

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