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The influence of migration and habitat on vertebrate genetic diversity


Janna Renee Willoughby


Genetic diversity (GD) is largely determined by effective population size, which may differ dramatically for related species that differ in key aspects of their biology.  We examined relationships among GD (microsatellite heterozygosity and allelic richnes...

Forestry and Natural Resources Genetic Diversity microsatellite Migration

Rice imputation files: reference panel and recombination map


Diane Ran Wang, Dmytro Chebotarov, Francisco Agosto-Perez, Jonathan Marchini, Kenneth McNally, Melissa Fitzgerald, Nickolai Alexandrov, Susan McCouch, Yuxin Shi


This dataset contains files required for imputation of rice genomes using IMPUTE-2 software. These files were originally packaged within the Rice Imputation Server, a web-based platform developed by Wang et al. (2018). The Rice Imputation Server has since...

Agronomy Genetic Diversity Genomics imputation reference panel Rice

Quantifying physiological trait variation with automated hyperspectral imaging in rice


Augusto Souza, Carmela R. Guadagno, Chris Hoagland, Diane Ran Wang, Rachel Katrina Imel, To-Chia Ting, Yang Yang


Understanding the genetic underpinnings of plant physiological responses to the environment is critical to accelerate crop breeding under increasingly variable climates. Advancements in hyperspectral imaging (HSI) have enabled researchers to collect spectr...

Agronomy Genetic Diversity growth traits Hyperspectral imaging Nitrogen Oryza sativa

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