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Environmental issue conceptualization by race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status (SES)


Adam Pearson, H. Oliver Gao, Hwanseok Song, Jonathon Schuldt, Julie Davydova, Mario Bravo, Matthew Ballew, Neil Lewis, Rainer Romero-Canyas, Robert Garcia, Sarah Naiman, Sofia Hiltner


This project was a collaboration involving researchers from Purdue University, Cornell University, the Environmental Defense Fund, Yale University, and Pomona College. The aim of the study was to find how various social groups of different race, ethnicity...

Communication Environmental Issues Environmental Justice Ethnicity Race Socioeconomic Status

Seneca Lake gas storage survey


Hwanseok Song


The two datasets represent two waves of the survey tracking the change of trust toward risk managers over time. Data collection took place through Qualtrics and mail. Cases listed without "response ID," for example, represent responses collected via mail a...

Attitude Strength Communication Environmental Issues Perceived Standing SPSS Strength of Trust Survey

Implementing IPM: effects on pests, pollinators, and crop yield


Ian Kaplan, Jacob Pecenka


Environmental damage from insecticide overuse is a major concern, particularly for conservation of “good” insects such as pollinators that ensure stable production of food crops like fruits and vegetables. However, insecticides are also necessary for farme...

agroecosystems Bees Corn Crop yield Entomology Environmental Issues Insecticides Melons pesticides pollinators

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