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Implementing IPM: effects on pests, pollinators, and crop yield


Ian Kaplan, Jacob Pecenka


Environmental damage from insecticide overuse is a major concern, particularly for conservation of “good” insects such as pollinators that ensure stable production of food crops like fruits and vegetables. However, insecticides are also necessary for farme...

agroecosystems Bees Corn Crop yield Entomology Environmental Issues Insecticides Melons pesticides pollinators

Regional variation in insecticide susceptibility in odorous house ants, Tapinoma sessile.


Grzegorz Buczkowski


A laboratory study was conducted to test the toxicity of three insecticides, Demand, Alpine, and Termidor, against workers and queens of odorous house ants, Tapinoma sessile using residual exposure assays. Mortality was examined in workers collected in nat...

Entomology insecticide screening Insecticides resistance tests

Data for: Temperature affects the toxicity of pesticides to cercariae of the trematode Echinostoma trivolvis


Jason T. Hoverman, Logan Scott Billet


Global climate change is predicted to have significant impacts on ecological interactions such as host-parasite relationships. Increased temperatures may also interact with other anthropogenic stressors, such as chemical contaminants, to exacerbate or redu...

Echinostomatidae ecotoxicology Forestry and Natural Resources fungicide herbicide Insecticides Parasite survival analysis

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