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Busia Crop Suitability Maps


Darrell Schulze, Joshua Minai


To determine specific crop suitability ratings for Busia area, decision matrices developed by Rachilo and Michieka (1991) were used to generate crop suitability classes for each soil map unit. Land suitability is the fitness of a given tract of land for a...

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Rice imputation files: reference panel and recombination map


Diane Ran Wang, Dmytro Chebotarov, Francisco Agosto-Perez, Jonathan Marchini, Kenneth McNally, Melissa Fitzgerald, Nickolai Alexandrov, Susan McCouch, Yuxin Shi


This dataset contains files required for imputation of rice genomes using IMPUTE-2 software. These files were originally packaged within the Rice Imputation Server, a web-based platform developed by Wang et al. (2018). The Rice Imputation Server has since...

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Evaluation of water-deficit responses in wild-by-cultivated rice introgression lines


Diane Ran Wang, Rachel Katrina Imel


Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is a staple crop consumed globally. Increased variability in rainfall in much of the world is a predicted consequence of climate change, and drought will be a major cause for concern for rice production. One approach to mitigating wa...

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