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2012 Latino Immigrant National Election Study


James A. McCann, Michael Jones-Correa


Latino immigrants (N=1,304) were interviewed by telephone during and/or immediately after the 2012 national elections in the US.  Much of the instrumentation drew from the American National Election Study, so that immigrants could be compared to the public...

elections Hispanics Immigrants Latinos Political Science public opinion Social Science

Who thinks removing Confederate icons violates free speech?


Logan R Strother, Nathan Carrington


The belief that removing Confederate icons from public spaces violates free expression rights occasionally makes its way into the national discourse. Because rights-based claims represent ostensibly race-neutral justification for supporting Confederate sym...

Political Science public opinion Race Survey

Do White Law Enforcement Officers Target Minority Suspects?


Charles Menifield, Geiguen Shin, Logan Strother


The debate over possible bias in the use of deadly force has recently been exacerbated by highly publicized killings of African American males around the country. While much research has been conducted examining police behavior, little has been done to inv...

Police Killing Police Violence Political Science

Strother & Bennett - Racial Group Affect and Support for Civil Liberties


Daniel Bennett, Logan R Strother


Civil liberties are a linchpin of liberal democracy, and are central to the practice and discourse of American politics. However, there is little research exploring whether or to what extent group attitudes influence public opinion on constitutionally guar...

civil liberties Political Science public opinion Race tolerance

2016-2017 Latino Immigrant National Election Study (LINES)


James A McCann, Michael Jones-Correa


2016-2017 Latino Immigrant National Election Study (LINES) PIs: James A. McCann and Michael Jones-Correa Study Details Sampling population Foreign-born Latinos over eighteen; contact information obtained from marketing research firms.  For further...

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