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Who thinks removing Confederate icons violates free speech?


Logan R Strother Nathan Carrington


The belief that removing Confederate icons from public spaces violates free expression rights occasionally makes its way into the national discourse. Because rights-based claims represent ostensibly race-neutral justification for supporting Confederate sym...

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Strother & Bennett - Racial Group Affect and Support for Civil Liberties


Daniel Bennett, Logan R Strother


Civil liberties are a linchpin of liberal democracy, and are central to the practice and discourse of American politics. However, there is little research exploring whether or to what extent group attitudes influence public opinion on constitutionally guar...

Data for "Institutional hybridity and policy-motivated reasoning structure public evaluations of the Supreme Court"


Logan R Strother Shana Kushner Gadarian


How does the public assess the Supreme Court and its work? Using data from three surveys conducted over a span of ten years, we show that individuals’ policy preferences drive evaluations of the Court and its willingness to reform the Court. We find strong...

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