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Erich Huebner




Freeze tolerance among tropical tree Acacia koa populations from different elevations


Douglass F Jacobs, Keith E Woeste, Lilian M. Ayala-Jacobo


Koa (Acacia koa A. Gray) is a charismatic tree species endemic to Hawaii that plays an important role, socioeconomically, culturally and ecologically in the Hawaiian Islands. Koa forests in Hawaii have been heavily depleted and degraded due to harvesting a...

cold acclimation cold tolerance Electrolyte leakage elevational gradient forest restoration Forestry and Natural Resources freeze hardiness frost damage

Source Data for Organic Optoelectronic Synapse


Ashkan Abtahi, Habtom B Gobeze, Hang Hu, Inho Song, Jianguo Mei, Ke Chen, Kirk S. Schanze, Won-June Lee


Optoelectronic devices can detect and store visual information, making them attractive for future bionic eyes or automated vision systems. Here, we present a photonic organic synapse based on photon-modulated electrochemical doping. We measured the photoni...

Chemistry electrochemical device image memorization and recognition organic optoelectronic synapse

Localization of MLL1 morphemes in mouse mm9 genomic DNA


Daidong Wang, Minou Bina, Phillip J. Wyss, Xiaohui C. Song


Access in genome browser. Mixed Lineage Leukemia 1 (MLL or MLL1) plays central roles in the regulation of protein-coding genes. Previous studies of mice have established that MLL1 controls key developmental pathways including the formation of body plan dur...

Binding Sites Cell division Chemistry Chromatin structure Cis-elements Codes in DNA CpG islands Gene bookmarking Gene Regulation Mammalian genomes Mitosis MLL MLL binding sites Mouse genome Regulatory codes TREs Trithorax response elements

Indiana Department of Agriculture Debrief - 2013 Engineering Technology Summit


Chad Laux, Coty Back


Chad Laux, Assistant Professor from the Technology, Leadership, & Innovation Department at Purdue University interviews Coty Back from the Indiana Department of Agriculture and Future Farmers of America regarding careers paths in agriculture.

Agriculture Engineering Technology Engineering Technology Pathways Engineering Technology Summit 2013 Entrepreneurship National Science Foundation NSF Grant: 105582 Virtual Learning Community

INERFC: Evaluation of the Repeated Integrals of the Coerror Function by Half-Range Gauss-Hermite Quadrature


Walter Gautschi


These Matlab codes and files are a companion piece to the paper ``Evaluation of the repeated integrals of the coerror function by half-range Gauss--Hermite quadrature", submitted for publication.

Coerror Function Computer Science Mathematics Mathematics Education Matlab Quadrature and cubature formulas Walter Gautschi Archives

Density of ZFBS-Morph overlaps in the build hg19 of the human genome


Minou Bina, Phillip J. Wyss, Xiaohui Carol Song


Genomic imprinting results in the expression of a subset of genes from either the maternal or paternal allele.  This process is regulated by Imprinting Control Regions (ICRs), dispersed along the mammalian autosomal chromosomes.  The ICRs often encompass a...

Chemistry Codes in Human DNA Gene Regulation Genomic imprinting Genomics Germline DMRs Human Genome ICRs MLL ZFP57

Localization of potential regulatory signals in the human genome


Minou Bina, Phillip J. Wyss


Supplementary materials for the publication entitled: "Discovering sequences with potential regulatory characteristics." Bina M, Wyss P, Lazarus SA, Shah SR, Ren W, Szpankowski W, Crawford GE, Park SP, Song XC. Access dataset in genome browser. In the huma...

Bioinformatics Chemistry Codes in Human DNA Gene Regulation Genetic Vocabulary Genomics Human Genome Regulatory Signals Sequence Context Transcription factor binding sites

Outflow Boundary Condition and Algorithm for Single-Phase Incompressible Flows


Suchuan Dong


We present a robust and accurate outflow boundary condition and an associated numerical algorithm for incompressible flow simulations on unbounded physical domains, aiming at maximizing the domain truncation without adversely affecting the flow physics. Th...

backflow CFD incompressible flow Mathematics open boundary condition outflow outflow boundary condition Physics

Two-Phase Outflows: Boundary Conditions and Algorithm


Suchuan Dong


We present an effective outflow boundary condition, and an associated numerical algorithm, within the phase-field framework for dealing with two-phase outflows or open boundaries. The set of two-phase outflow boundary conditions for the phase-field and flo...

inflow boundary condition large density ratio Mathematics multiphase flow open boundary condition outflow boundary condition phase field method Physics spectral element method two-phase flow two-phase open boundary two-phase outflow variable coefficient matrix

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