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Separating Fractal and Oscillatory Components in the Power Spectrum of Neurophysiological Signal


Haiguang Wen , Zhongming Liu ORCID logo


Matlab toolbox for separating the fractal (scale-free) component and oscillatory component in the power spectrum from the mixed time series

Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering fractal scale-free

Signal Processing Toolbox for Simultaneously Acquired fMRI and EEG


Rodrigo Castellanos , Zhongming Liu ORCID logo


This Matlab toolbox includes signal processing functions to remove gradient and pulse artifacts in EEG data recorded simultaneously with fMRI. It is distributed as a GUI plugin for EEGLAB.

Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering fMRI-EEG independent component analysis Signal Processing Singular value decomposition

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