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Simplicity of K-means versus deepness of Deep Learning. A Case of Unsupervised Feature Learning with Limited Data


Baichuan Zhang, Bartlomiej P. Rajwa, Murat Dundar, Qiang Kou, Yicheng He


We study a biodetection application as a case study to demonstrate that K-means-based unsupervised feature learning can be a simple yet effective alternative to deep learning techniques for small data sets with limited intra- as well as inter-class diversi...

bacterial colonies BARDOT Biomedical Engineering Computer Science deep learning Elastic light scattering Interdisciplinary Research K-Means Clustering Life Sciences Machine Learning representation learning

Separating Fractal and Oscillatory Components in the Power Spectrum of Neurophysiological Signal


Haiguang Wen, Zhongming Liu


Neurophysiological field-potential signals con- sist of both arrhythmic and rhythmic patterns indicative of the fractal and oscillatory dynamics arising from likely distinct mechanisms. Here, we present a new method, namely the irregular-resampling auto-sp...

Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering fractal scale-free

Signal Processing Toolbox for Simultaneously Acquired fMRI and EEG


Rodrigo Castellanos, Zhongming Liu


EEG signals simultaneously acquired during fMRI are noisy and contain artifacts that primarily arise from MRI gradient switching and cardiac pulsation. This toolbox includes a set of open-source Matlab functions implementing several published algorithms fo...

Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering fMRI-EEG independent component analysis Signal Processing Singular value decomposition

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