subject: Computer Science date: 2015

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HUBbub 2013 Survey Data


Michael G. Zentner


A CSV and accompanying HTML zip file of data taken at a survey about data sharing during HUBbub 2013.

Computer Science Survey

Source code for the paper Polynomial Fitting Known Plaintext Attack


James Alan Vaught


This file contains C++ source code for the numerical experiments described in the paper Polynomial Fitting Known Plaintext Attack.

Computer Science cryptanalysis encryption Information Security known plaintext attack polynomial fitting

Longitudinal password data set varying with policy


Brian Curnett , Melissa J. Dark


The data set included the participants' identification number (USER ID), the participants' assigned password policy identification number (POLICY ID), and seven iterations of passwords (PASSWORD 1-7).

Computer Science Longitudinal Study Password Analysis Password Policies Passwords Real-World Passwords

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