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Mediating Role of Stereotype Threat and Achievement Goals in the Regulation of Scientific Motivation


Eric D. Deemer, Jessi Smith


These data were collected as part of an NSF-funded project aimed at understanding the relations among college women's perceptions of the science laboratory environment, perceptions of stereotype threat, and scientific motivation.

Education Engineering Education scientific motivation stereotype threat Women's Studies

Critical Engineering Literacy Test (CELT)


Michael Fosmire, 0000-0002-5138-8178, Ruth Wertz, Senay Purzer, 0000-0003-0784-6079


The CELT download includes the blueprint for writing assessment items, and the content of the assessment itself. This version (4.1) includes 2 parts, one on an engineering topic, and one on a biology topic.

Assessment Education Engineering Education Environmental Engineering

Grade 4 Student Knowledge Test (Landforms, Geotechnical Engineering)


Heidi A. Diefes-Dux, 0000-0003-3635-1825


Multiple-choice, grade 4 appropriate assessment of science and engineering content knowledge associated with the Engineering is Elementary unit, A Stick in the Mud: Evaluating a Landscape.

Education elementary student assessment Engineering Education

Engineering Identity Development Scale (EIDS)


Brenda Capobianco


Multiple-choice instrument designed to assess elementary school students’ identity development in engineering.

Education elementary student assessment Engineering Education

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