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Data for Beyond lowest order mean-field theory for light interacting with atom arrays


Deepak A. Suresh, Francis Robicheaux


Results from higher order mean field calculations of light interacting with atom arrays are presented for calculations of one- and two-time expectation values. The atoms are approximated as two-levels and are fixed in space. Calculations were performed for...

Data for Interference in nonlinear Compton scattering using a Schrodinger-equation approach


Akilesh Venkatesh, Francis Robicheaux


The interference between Compton scattering and nonlinear Compton scattering from a two-color field in the x-ray regime is theoretically examined for bound electrons. The underlying phase shifts are analyzed using a perturbative approach in the incoming cl...

Data for Photon-recoil and laser-focusing limits to Rydberg gate fidelity


Francis Robicheaux Mark Saffman, Trent Graham


Limits to Rydberg gate fidelity that arise from the entanglement of internal states of neutral atoms with the motional degrees of freedom due to the momentum kick from photon absorption and re-emission is quantified. This occurs when the atom is in a super...

MQDT data for: Spectroscopy of Rydberg states in erbium using electromagnetically induced transparency


Amal El Arrach, Arno Trautmann, Chris H Greene, Francesca Ferlaino, Francis Robicheaux Hagai Edri, Julian Maloberti, Manfred Mark, Philipp Ilzhofer


We present a study of the Rydberg spectrum in 166Er for series connected to the 4f12 (3H6) 6s Jc = 13/2, and Jc = 11/2 ionic core states using an all-optical detection based on electromagnetically induced transparency in an effusive atomic beam. Identifyin...

Data for: Photon-induced atom recoil in collectively interacting planar arrays


Deepak Suresh, Francis Robicheaux


The recoil of atoms in arrays due to the emission or absorption of photons is studied for subwavelength interatomic spacing. The atoms in the array interact with each other through collective dipole-dipole interactions and with the incident laser field in...

Data for: Theoretical study of early time superradiance for atom clouds and arrays


Francis Robicheaux


This data is for a paper where we explore conditions for Dicke superradiance in a cloud of atoms by examining the Taylor series expansion of the photon emission rate at $t= 0$. By defining superradiance as an increasing photon emission rate for $tsim 0$, w...

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