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Synchronized mating signals in a communication network: the challenge of avoiding predators while attracting mates


Henry Legett Rachel A Page, Ximena E Bernal


Conspicuous mating signals attract mates but also expose signallers to predators and parasites. Signal evolution, therefore, is driven by conflicting selective pressures from multiple receivers, both target and non-target. Synchronization of mating signals...

Traffic noise differentially impacts call types in a Japanese treefrog (Buergeria japonica)


Henry Legett Ikkyu Aihara, Ryan P. Madden, Ximena E Bernal


Acoustic noise from automobile traffic impedes communication between signaling animals. To overcome the acoustic interference imposed by anthropogenic noise, species across taxa adjust their signaling behavior to increase signal saliency. As most of the sp...

The dual benefits of synchronized mating signals in a Japanese treefrog


Henry Legett Ikkyu Aihara, Ximena E Bernal


In dense mating aggregations, such as leks and choruses, acoustic signals produced by competing male conspecifics often overlap in time. When signals overlap at a fine temporal scale, either completely or partially, the ability of females to discriminate b...

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