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Data for: Timing and order of exposure to two echinostome species affect patterns of infection in larval amphibians


Jason T. Hoverman, Logan Scott Billet


The study of priority effects with respect to coinfections is still in its infancy. Moreover, existing coinfection studies typically focus on infection outcomes associated with exposure to distinct sets of parasite species, despite that functionally and mo...

Data for: Population-level variation in infection outcomes not influenced by pesticide exposure in larval wood frogs (Rana sylvatica)


Jason T. Hoverman, Logan Scott Billet


There is increasing evidence that populations of non-target wildlife species can evolve tolerance to pesticides. As ecosystems become increasingly exposed to chemical contaminants globally, it is important to consider not only the immediate consequences of...

Data for: Pesticide tolerance induced by a generalized stress response in wood frogs (Rana sylvatica)


Jason T. Hoverman, Logan Scott Billet


Increasing evidence suggests that phenotypic plasticity can play a critical role in ecotoxicology. More specifically, induced pesticide tolerance, in which populations exposed to a contaminant show increased tolerance to the contaminants later, has been do...

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