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Geospatial Image Data for Sorghum Phenotyping


Ayman F Habib, Ed Delp, Keith A Cherkauer, Larry L. Biehl, Melba M Crawford, Mitchell Tuinstra


There is an urgent need to accelerate energy crop development for the production of renewable transportation fuels from biomass. Greater knowledge of factors that influence crop growth and development is required to improve the breeding development pipelin...

image recognition

Seedling growth and fall armyworm feeding preference influenced by dhurrin production in sorghum


Mitchell Tuinstra Shelby M Gruss


  Genetic mutants coupled with nondestructive phenotyping techniques were used to study the impact of dhurrin on fall armyworm feeding and plant growth in sorghum. A genetic mutation in CYP79A1 that disrupts dhurrin biosynthesis was used to develop sets...

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