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To Seal or Not To Seal: Study of Splashes


Javad Eshraghi, Pavlos Vlachos Sunny Jung


The data provided in this publication was used to deliver the first detailed mechanical analysis of splash curtain, providing a physical understanding on why the splash curtain sometimes seals, and other times it does not. When an object impacts the fr...

Civil Engineering connected vehicles evaluation International Roughness Index IRI JTRP management Pavement Pavement Quality

Dot tracking methodology for background-oriented schlieren (BOS)


Lalit Rajendran, Pavlos Vlachos Sally P M Bane


We propose a dot tracking methodology for processing background-oriented schlieren (BOS) images. The method improves the accuracy, precision and spatial resolution compared to conventional cross-correlation algorithms. Our methodology utilizes the prior in...

A data assimilation method for analysis of cavitation bubble dynamics


Arezoo Ardekani, Javad Eshraghi, Pavlos Vlachos


The data provided in this publication was used to introduce a novel data assimilation-based technique to model the cavitation bubble dynamics (See The original or modified Rayleigh Plesset equation (RPE) is often used to analyze...

Uncertainty quantification in density estimation from background oriented schlieren (BOS) measurements


Jiacheng Zhang, Lalit Rajendran, Pavlos Vlachos Sally P M Bane, Sayantan Bhattacharya


We present an uncertainty quantification methodology for density estimation from background-oriented Schlieren (BOS) measurements, in order to provide local, instantaneous, a posteriori uncertainty bounds on each density measurement in the field of view. D...

A multi-modality approach for enhancing 4D flow MRI via sparse representation


Jiacheng Zhang, Melissa Brindise, Michael Markl, Pavlos Vlachos Sean Rothenberger, Vitaliy Rayz


The data and source code provided in this publication was used to enhance the blood flow measurements with in vivo 4D flow MRI in cerebral aneurysms using a multi-modality approach. The approach, named Multi-modality Sparse Representation (MSR), reconstruc...

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