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The dual benefits of synchronized mating signals in a Japanese treefrog


Henry Legett, Ikkyu Aihara, Ximena E Bernal


In dense mating aggregations, such as leks and choruses, acoustic signals produced by competing male conspecifics often overlap in time. When signals overlap at a fine temporal scale, either completely or partially, the ability of females to discriminate b...

Comparison of Old Field And Restoration at Salomon Farm Park, Indiana


Jordan M Marshall


The main objective of plant community restoration is often to return an ecosystem to its historic successional trajectory. It can also be the result of other restoration, as was the case at Salomon Farm Park, Indiana where a ditch was moved to add sinuosit...

Ecological Plant Surveys of Little Wabash River Nature Preserve, Indiana


Jordan M Marshall


Little Wabash River Nature Preserve (LWRNP) is a 14.2 ha property of important geological terrain associated with the Wisconsin glaciation age Maumee Torrent. The flow of water carved out a geographically unique passage in the landscape, the variance in te...

Dataset of Cost and Schedule Overruns in 19 DoD Acquisition Programs (2003-2017)


Ashish M. Chaudhari, Atharva Hans, Ilias Bilionis, Jitesh Panchal


This database includes 4 main folders: (i) cost_vs_time, (ii) maturity_vs_time, (iii) text_analysis, and (iv) GAO_pdfs.  The first folder (cost_vs_time) contains details about the programs' financial characteristics. This include baseline comparis...

Reliable Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Networks: Applications in Fuel-Efficient Platooning


Paul Richardson, Paul Watta, Sridhar Lakshmanan, Timothy Kleinow


A dataset consisting of testing and simulation data used to develop our models and understanding. Includes field-testing data for loops performed around a singular obstacle and through an urban canyon at selected transmission powers, taking into account 40...

A Guide to Building Data Visualization Capacity


Vetria L Byrd


This dataset is the result of a self-assessment survey of students' perception of their understanding and capability of implementing the data visualization process in an introductory data visualization course.

Transcriptome analysis reveals disruption of circadian rhythms in late gestation dairy cows may increase risk for fatty liver and reduced mammary remodeling.


Theresa M. Casey


The data here are the Supplemental Tables and Supplemental Figures of the manuscript (Under review).   Our previous studies found that circadian disruption of late gestation dairy cows, increased insulin resistance and decreased mammary development. ...

Spreadsheet Programs for Design of SC Walls for Impactive Loading


Amit H. Varma, Jungil Seo


This package contains two spreadsheet programs for designing steel-plate composite (SC) walls to impactive loading. The first program is based on equation developed by Bruhl et al. (2015), which are quite conservative. The second program is based on modifi...

Connecticut River Watershed Riparian Canopy Data


Elizabeth Creech, Jacob Daniel Hosen, Peter Raymond


To understand how riparian (stream side) tree canopy cover controls light availability in river networks, we collected hemispherical photographs of tree canopy cover of rivers and streams through the Connecticut River watershed. Data collection occurred pr...

Supplemental Table 4.1: The PAH analysis of the high energy water accommodated fraction (HEWAF)


Elizabeth B Allmon


Data presented in this table represent the total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) composition of stock high energy water accommodated fraction (HEWAF) created from Deepwater Horizon surface slick.  Oil from slick (OFS, 1 gram) was blended at high spee...

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