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Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC) drainage research data, 1984-2020


Eileen J Kladivko, 0000-0002-8993-2722, Giorgi Chighladze, 0000-0002-7819-0508, Laura C Bowling, 0000-0002-1439-3154, Lori Abendroth, 0000-0002-0176-7815


This dataset contains research data obtained during a long-term subsurface drainage research project conducted at the Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center in Jennings County, Indiana, from 1984 to 2020.

Agronomy Corn Crop yield Drainage Indiana

Maize Response to P and K in 2006. Experiment 1 at Throckmorton Purdue Agricultural Center: Yield, Soil and Tissue P and K, and Seed and Stover Composition


Jeffrey J. Volenec, 0000-0002-5455-6157, Sylvie M. Brouder, 0000-0002-7785-5336


Grain and stover yield and composition were determined for maize grown in soil previously fertilized annually for 8 years with potassium (K, 0 to 400 kg K/ha) and phosphorus (P, 0 to 75 kg P/ha) resulting in large differences in soil test P and K.

Agronomy Biomass Corn Grain Yield Indiana Maize Phosphorus Fertilizer Plant Nutrition Potassium Fertilizer Seed Composition Soil Fertility Stover Composition

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