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Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers in Wheat Production in Manitoba, Canada


Mario Tenuta, Matthew Wood, Xiaopeng Gao, 0000-0002-6970-866X


This project was conducted to quantify and compare the application time (fall, spring) and source (EEF, non-EEF) effects of nitrogen fertilizers on nitrous oxide emissions and agronomic measurements of spring wheat in southern Manitoba, Canada.

4R 4R Nutrient Management Agronomy Canada Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Fall Application Hard Red Spring Wheat IPNI Manitoba N Timing N2O emission Nitrogen Fertilizer Nitrogen Use Efficiency Nitrous Oxide

Data for growing season nitrous oxide emissions from a Gray Luvisol as a function of long-term fertilization history and crop rotation


Dick Puurveen, Mekonnen Giweta, Miles Dyck, Sukdhev S. Malhi, Sylvie Quideau


Data from 5 growing seasons (2013–2017) investigating long-term fertilization and crop rotation effects on growing season soil N2O and CO2 emissions, wheat yield and N uptake, N2O emission intensity and soil properties on a Gray Luvisol.

4R Agronomy IPNI Nitrous Oxide Soil Emissions Soil Fertility

Evaluation of nitrogen stabilizers - nitrogen use efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta cereal crops


Dick Puurveen, Len Kryzanowski, Miles Dyck, Yuanpei Gao


These data files summarize spring wheat yields and annual soil N2O emissions (non-steady-state chamber measurements) at two sites in Alberta, Canada (Lethbridge and Ellerslie) over 2016 and 2017.

4R Agronomy IPNI Nitrogen Fertilizer Nitrous Oxide Soil Emissions

Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region 2018


Gary Nowling, Guohong Cai


This dataset contains tables prepared for the 2018 Uniform Soybean Tests Northern Region Report.

Agriculture Agronomy Botany Crop Science Soybeans USDA-ARS

Potential Suitability for Subirrigation in the U.S. Midwest


Benjamin Reinhart, 0000-0003-1649-3762, Feng Yu, 0000-0002-6505-2288, Jane Frankenberger, 0000-0002-2781-0041, Jason Ackerson, 0000-0001-8123-0200


This series provides shapefiles showing the potential suitability, and limiting factors, for subirrigation in the U.S. Midwest based on gSSURGO soil data from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Agriculture Agronomy Drainage Geographic Information Systems (GIS) gSSURGO Irrigation Midwest Subirrigation Water Water Management

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