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Effect of Droplet Collisions on Evaporation in Spray-drying


Aaron Morris, Siavash Zamani, 0000-0002-9058-0090


Included is the main code for the two "collision" and "no collision" models. a sample data for solids fraction of 3e-4 is provided for Weber numbers of 10 and 150.

Droplet Collision Evaporation Mechanical Engineering multiphase flow spray-drying

A data assimilation method for analysis of cavitation bubble dynamics


Arezoo Ardekani, Javad Eshraghi, 0000-0002-1468-3805, Pavlos Vlachos, 0000-0002-8040-9257


Here, we present a novel state-observer data-assimilation technique designed to fuse time-resolved cavitation bubble diameter measurements with a governing model to yield enhanced Spatio-temporal prediction of the cavitation bubble dynamics.

Cavitation Data assimilation Experimental Tests Fluid Mechanics image processing Mechanical Engineering Physics PID controller

Dataset of Cost and Schedule Overruns in 19 DoD Acquisition Programs (2003-2017)


Ashish M. Chaudhari, 0000-0002-8521-642X, Atharva Hans, 0000-0002-4025-0966, Ilias Bilionis, 0000-0002-5266-105X, Jitesh Panchal, 0000-0003-4873-3089


This database is part of the following paper (in review): Hans, A., Chaudhari, A. M., Bilionis, I., Panchal, J. H., (2021) "A Mixed-Method Analysis of Cost and Schedule Growth in Defense Acquisition Programs", ASME DAC, August 17-21st

cost overrun defense acquisitions Mechanical Engineering schedule growth

ABAQUS Python Code for the Simulation of Topologically Interlocked Material Systems Based on Archimedean and Laves Tilings


Andrew Williams, Thomas H. Siegmund, 0000-0001-8162-9609


A set of six python scripts that parametrically generate ABAQUS models to simulate the response of TIM systems based on the Archimedean and Laves tilings subjected to body force and displacement loading. These were created for a Master's Thesis at...

Abaqus Finite Element Analysis Finite Element Model Mechanical Engineering Python Code Tesselation Topologically Interlocked Material

MicroCT based FE model of bone core with tissue heterogeneity and anisotropy


Joseph Wallace, Matthew R Allen, Max A Hammond, Thomas Siegmund, 0000-0001-8162-9609


This publication contains a finite element model for the analysis of bone core under consideration of bone tissue heterogeneity and tissue anisotropy.

Biomedical Engineering Bone Finite Element Analysis Mechanical Engineering

To Seal or Not To Seal: Study of Splashes


Javad Eshraghi, 0000-0002-1468-3805, Pavlos Vlachos, 0000-0002-8040-9257, Sunny Jung


Data from the water entry of hydrophobic spheres experiment used to reveal the criteria in the occurrence of surface seal.

Experimental Tests Fluid Mechanics image processing Matlab Mechanical Engineering Physics

Estimation of the Probability Density Function of Random Displacements from Images


Adib Ahmadzadegan, 0000-0002-1155-1401, Arezoo Ardekani, Pavlos Vlachos, 0000-0002-8040-9257


We introduce a novel approach to Image-based Probability Estimation of Displacement (iPED) which is direct estimation of the PDF of displacement of racers within images. Data sets to reproduce the plots and sample images are available here.

Diffusion measurement image processing Mechanical Engineering particle image velocimetry Probability density function estimation Random Process

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