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Drosophila Optical Stimulator


Donald Ready, Taylor Zigon, Vikki Weake, Walter Leon-Salas, Xinping Chen, 0000-0001-6547-7123


This publication contains the electronic files required to build an optical stimulator for fruit flies. The stimulator uses red and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and an embedded computer to generate light at different power density levels.

Biomedical Engineering Drosophila Embedded Software Embedded System Engineering Technology Optical Stimulation Python Code

gSSURGO-based Floodplain Maps of the United States


Liuying Du, Nikhil Sangwan, Venkatesh Mohan Merwade, 0000-0001-5518-2890


This series provides shapefiles showing the natural floodplain for the United States. These floodplain polygons are extracted from the gSSURGO soil data from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Environment floodmaps floodplain maps Forestry and Natural Resources Geographic Information Systems (GIS) geosciences GIS gSSURGO soil Data Hydrology inland water

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