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In vitro CFD, MRI, STB Series


Benjamin Dickerhoff, David Saloner, Melissa Brindise, Michael Markl, Pavlos Vlachos, 0000-0002-8040-9257, Sean Rothenberger, 0000-0003-1341-6147, Susanne Schnell, Vitaliy Rayz


Data from a pulsatile volumetric particle velocimetry study using two patient-specific cerebral aneurysm models, processed using Shake the Box (STB). Associated in vivo MRI and CFD datasets are also provided.

Biomedical Engineering Cerebral Aneurysm CFD Experimental Tests Fluid Mechanics Matlab MRI PIV Shake the Box

Busia Digital Soil Mapping


Darrell G Schulze, 0000-0001-9278-2457, Joshua O Minai


This study is to bring legacy soil data from the Busia area of Kenya ‘back to life’ using digital soil mapping techniques.

Agronomy Busia Area Digital Soil Mapping Disaggregation Kenya Legacy Soil Data

In Situ TEM Mechanical Testing of Irradiated Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys


Janelle Wharry, 0000-0001-7791-4394, Kayla Yano


This is a dataset comprised of videos and raw load-displacement text files of experiments run to demonstrate the use of in situ TEM mechanical testing to find meaningful mechanical properties of as received, self-ion, and proton irradiated Fe-9%Cr...

Cantilever Clamped Beam Dissertation Fe-9%Cr In Situ Lamellae Indentation Materials Engineering Mechanical Testing Micropillar MicroViBe Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Size Effect TEM

Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project Context Collection


Caroline Autret, Hatice Kızılarslanoğlu, Matthew Dillon, Maxwell Black, Nicholas Kregotis Rauh, 0000-0001-6924-1804, Stanislav Pejša, 0000-0001-5057-262X


The Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project (RCSP) Context Collection contains descriptions of almost 10000 pottery fragments collected during the Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project between 1996 and 2011.

Ancient Greece Archaeological Survey Archaeology Classical Studies pottery RCSP Rough Cilicia Rough Cilicia Survey Project Turkey

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