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The Index of Relative Rurality (IRR) : US County Data for 2000 and 2010


Ayoung Kim, Brigitte Waldorf


The Index of Relative Rurality (IRR) is a continuous, threshold-free, and unit-free measure of rurality. The original version of the IRR was proposed by Waldorf (2006, as an alternative to the traditional discrete...

Agricultural Economics IRR Rural Classification Rural Index Rurality

Density of ZFBS-Morph overlaps in the build mm9 of the mouse genome


Minou Bina, Phillip J. Wyss, Xiaohui Carol Song


Imprinting Control Regions (ICRs) regulate the expression of a subset of genes in a parent-of-origin-specific manner.  Previous studies have established that imprinted ICRs include sites for interactions with ZFP57.  We have shown that a significant fracti...

Chemistry Codes in DNA DMRs Gene Regulation Genomic imprinting Germline DMRs ICRs Imprinting Control Regions

Asymmetric polar localization dynamics of the serine chemoreceptor protein Tsr in Escherichia coli data


Barry Wanner, Dongmyung Oh, Hochan Lee, Jae-Hyung Jeon, Kenneth Ritchie, Yang Yu


Data for figures in PLoS ONE publication "Asymmetric polar localization dynamics of the serine chemoreceptor protein Tsr in Escherichia coli", Oh et al., 2018

fluorescence microscopy Physics Polar localization Single molecule

Agricultural Producer Perspectives on the Adoption of Conservation Practices, Water Quality, and Climate Change in Big Creek and Lime Creek Watersheds


Ajay Singh, Linda Stalker Prokopy


The Mississippi River Basin (MRB) contains prime farmland that has produced high-value, nutrient intensive crops for food, fiber, and fuel. Prairie, forest and river ecosystems that support diverse plant and animal communities are also found within the MRB...

Agriculture Climate Change Conservation Forestry and Natural Resources Indiana Interviews Iowa Water Quality

Three Dynamical Evolution Regimes for Coupled Ring-Satellite Systems and Implications for the Formation of the Uranian Satellite Miranda


Andrew Hesselbrock, David Minton


In coupled ring-satellite systems, satellites exchange angular momentum with both the primary through tides and with the ring through Lindblad torques, and may exchange material with the ring through accretion and tidal disruption.  Here we show that these...

EAPS Modeling Planetary Science Python Code

n-TARP Binary Clustering Code


Mireille Boutin, Yellamraju Tarun


n-TARP is a method to cluster data into two clusters (binary clustering). It works by projecting the data on a random one-dimensional subspace and thresholding the projected data. This process is repeated n times, and the best clustering is selected. Thus...

Clustering Electrical and Computer Engineering Matlab Random Projection

Functional diversity of predators and prey


Ashley Kissick, Esteban Fernandez-Juricic, Jeffrey D Holland, John Dunning, Jr.


Functional diversity of beetle predators and their beetle prey are affected differently by forest habitat fragmentation. This study introduces new functional traits, uses a published workflow to define functional groups of predators and prey, and examines...

Beetles Ecological Applications Entomology Functional Diversity Functional Traits Habitat Loss Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment Predator-Prey Interaction RStudio

Maize 282 Kernel Ion and Isotope BLUPs


Brenda F Owens, Brian Dilkes


The 282 member maize association panel was grown under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions and kernels were phenotyped for ionome and isotope traits. Best linear unbiased predictions (BLUPs) of these phenotypes are presented in these files. A set of 300...

Biochemistry Carbon Drought Ionome Isotope Maize

Anti-Oedipus and other Reflections


Gilles Deleuze


The Deleuze Seminars is a collection of audio recordings, transcriptions, and English translations of, and supplemental materials from, the lectures French philosopher Gilles Deleuze gave during his career at the University of Paris 8. In the “Anti-Oedi...

20th Century French Philosophy Anti-Oedipus Audio Recording Deleuze Recordings Deleuze Seminars Gilles Deleuze Lines of Flight Philosophy Philosophy and Literature Psychoanalysis

Blue light induces a neuroprotective gene expression program in Drosophila photoreceptors - Supporting data for Hall and Ma et al. (2018)


Hana Hall, Jingqun Ma, Sudhanshu Shekhar, Vikki Weake, Walter Leon-Salas


The transcriptome of blue light-stressed Drosophila melanogaster photoreceptors from one- and six-day-old adult flies was profiled using RNA-seq of photoreceptor nuclear RNA. This dataset contains the original qPCR data and summarized retinal degeneration...

Biochemistry Blue Light Differential gene expresion Drosophila Eye Gene Expression Profiling Retinal Degeneration RNA_seq Transcriptome

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