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Agricultural Advisors’ Climate Risk Perceptions: 2013-14 Interview Data


Amber Mase, Cody Knutson, Jean McGuire, Linda S. Prokopy, Lois Morton, Maria Lemos, Melissa J. Widhalm, Michael Dunn, Nick Babin, Sarah Church, Tonya Haigh


Fifty-seven agricultural advisors in 3 Midwestern states (Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska) were interviewed from Dec 2013-April 2014 about their perceptions of climate-related impacts and risks, and how climate issues play a role in the advice they provide to...

Agriculture Climate Change Interviews Midwest

Wabash spectral-biogeochemical database


Indrajeet Chaubey, Jing Tan, Keith A Cherkauer


This database includes spectral measurements of river water, coincident in situ measurements of water quality parameters (chlorophyll (chl), non-algal particles (NAP), and colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM)), nutrients (total nitrogen (TN), total phos...

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Agriculture Biological Engineering Bottom properties Inherent optical properties Look-up table Wabash River Water Quality Water reflectance

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