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Farmer Perspectives on Agricultural Practices, Information, and Weather Variability in the Corn Belt: A Statistical Atlas, Volume 2


Adam Loy , Amber Mase , Cody Knutson , J. Arbuckle , Jean Mcguire , John Tyndall , Jon Hobbs , Linda S. Prokopy ORCID logo , Lois Morton , Melissa J. Widhalm ORCID logo , Sarah Church , Tonya Haigh , Tricia Knoot


This atlas is the second in a series presenting data from a survey of Corn Belt farmers conducted in 2012 by the Useful to Usable ( and Climate and Corn-based Cropping Systems CAP ( projects.

Agriculture Climate Change Corn Belt Crop Science Farmers Midwest Social Science Weather Data

Agricultural Advisors’ Climate Risk Perceptions: 2013-14 Content Analysis Data


Cody Knutson , Katie Fagan , Linda S. Prokopy ORCID logo , Melissa J. Widhalm ORCID logo , Michael Dunn , Nick Babin , Sarah Church , Silvestre Garcia de Jalon , Stuart Carlton , Tonya Haigh


A content analysis of agricultural trade publications was conducted to document how the media discussed and portrayed the 2012 summer drought.

Agriculture Climate Change Content Analysis Midwest

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