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Alfalfa Variety Trial Database, 1986-1999


Daniel Wiersma, Jeffrey Volenec, Stanislav Pejša, 0000-0001-5057-262X, Sylvie Brouder, Wayne G. Hartman


An archived copy of the Alfalfa Variety Performance Database originally compiled in 2000 by Daniel W. Wiersma and Wayne G. Hartman. It contains data on yield, quality, and plant stand for over 2900 varieties from 700+ experiments conducted from...

Agriculture Agronomy Alfalfa alfalfa_db Biotic stress Crop yield Forage quality Genotype x environment insect resistance Lucerne Medicago Pathogen resistance performance persistence Winter hardiness yield improvement

A global dataset of agricultural experiments quantifying organic amendment impact on soil carbon


Courtland Kelly, 0000-0003-2161-8750, Erika J. Foster, 0000-0001-8704-6631, Timothy Filley


This database represents 62 field experiments that assess the impact of organic amendments on soil carbon fractions. The data include a set of moderators, such as climate, edaphic factors, and farm mangement details, and the soil C response...

Agriculture Carbon Conventional Farming Crop yield EAPS Nitrogen Organic Farming soil Soil Texture

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