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Agricultural Advisors’ Climate Risk Perceptions: 2013-14 Interview Data


Amber Mase, Cody Knutson, Jean McGuire, Linda S. Prokopy, Lois Morton, Maria Lemos, Melissa J. Widhalm, Michael Dunn, Nick Babin, Sarah Church, Tonya Haigh


Fifty-seven agricultural advisors in 3 Midwestern states (Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska) were interviewed from Dec 2013-April 2014 about their perceptions of climate-related impacts and risks, and how climate issues play a role in the advice they provide to...

Agriculture Climate Change Interviews Midwest

Agricultural Producer Perspectives on the Adoption of Conservation Practices, Water Quality, and Climate Change in Big Creek and Lime Creek Watersheds


Ajay Singh, Linda Stalker Prokopy


The Mississippi River Basin (MRB) contains prime farmland that has produced high-value, nutrient intensive crops for food, fiber, and fuel. Prairie, forest and river ecosystems that support diverse plant and animal communities are also found within the MRB...

Agriculture Climate Change Conservation Forestry and Natural Resources Indiana Interviews Iowa Water Quality

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