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Farmer Perspectives on Agricultural Practices, Information, and Weather Variability in the Corn Belt: A Statistical Atlas, Volume 2


Adam Loy, Amber Mase, Cody Knutson, J. Arbuckle, Jean Mcguire, John Tyndall, Jon Hobbs, Linda S. Prokopy, Lois Morton, Melissa J. Widhalm, Sarah Church Tonya Haigh, Tricia Knoot


This atlas is the second in a series presenting data from a survey of Corn Belt farmers that was conducted in February and March 2012 by teams comprised from the U2U ( and Climate and Corn-based Cropping Systems CAP (http://www.susta...

Agriculture Climate Change Corn Belt Crop Science Farmers Midwest Social Science Weather Data

Agricultural Advisors’ Climate Risk Perceptions: 2013-14 Content Analysis Data


Cody Knutson, Katie Fagan, Linda S. Prokopy, Melissa J. Widhalm, Michael Dunn, Nick Babin, Sarah Church Silvestre Garcia de Jalon, Stuart Carlton, Tonya Haigh


A content analysis of agricultural trade publications was conducted to document how the media discussed and portrayed the 2012 summer drought and whether climate change was included within this discussion. The overall population of articles were sampled fr...

Agriculture Climate Change Content Analysis Midwest

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