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Implementing IPM: effects on pests, pollinators, and crop yield


Ian Kaplan ORCID logo , Jacob Pecenka


Data on pesticide use, insect pests, pollinators, and crop yield across multiple years in a multi-crop agroecosystem.

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Dataset describing monarch larval and adult choice for milkweed host-plants varying in pesticides


Ian Kaplan ORCID logo , Michael E Scharf ORCID logo , Paola Olaya-Arenas ORCID logo


Includes three Excel files for: i) laboratory experiment testing early-instar larval feeding preference; ii) greenhouse experiment assessing adult oviposition preference; and iii) field correlation between leaf pesticide concentrations and...

agroecosystems behavioral response butterfly Entomology milkweed monarchs pesticides pollinators

Datasets describing monarch immature and adult performance when reared on milkweed host-plants varying in pesticides


Ian Kaplan ORCID logo , Kayleigh Hauri , Michael E. Scharf ORCID logo , Paola Olaya-Arenas ORCID logo


Files reporting data used in Olaya-Arenas et al 2020 study published in Scientific Reports on monarch performance when reared as larvae with varying pesticide types and concentrations.

Agriculture Entomology milkweed monarchs pesticides

Ingwell et al data for high tunnel bee study 2018


Ian Kaplan ORCID logo


These data indicate that both insecticides and non-crop forage play integral roles in shaping pollinator health in agricultural landscapes, but the relative importance and interaction of these two factors depend on which aspect of “health” are...

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