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Environmental Covariate Data for the Disaggregation of the Reconnaissance Soil Map of the Busia Area, Kenya


Darrell Schulze, Joshua Minai


How can soil classes within a soil map unit be disaggregated? To answer this question, a soil landscape-rule based approach was used to disaggregate the soil map units by exploiting information in the map legend and the map unit descriptions. The descripti...

Agronomy Busia Area Digital Soil Mapping Disaggregate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Kenya Soil Land Rule-Based Approach

Busia Fuzzy Soil Class Map


Darrell Schulze, Joshua Minai


Soil landscape inference model (SoLIM) maps soil type, not soil mapping units, under the assumption that soil properties are fairly homogeneous over a small spatial extent. Thus, typically it takes a raster-based approach which means that it divides the ar...

Agronomy Busia Area Digital Soil Mapping Fuzzy Membership Values Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Kenya SoLIM

Busia K-Means Cluster Map


Darrell Schulze, Joshua Minai


Six terrain attributes were subjected to K-means clustering performed in SAGA-GIS using the hill-climbing method (Rubin, 1967) using a terrain attribute combination of multiresolution valley bottom flatness, multiresolution ridgetop flatness, planform curv...

Agronomy Geographic Information Systems (GIS) K-Means Clustering Multiresolution Ridgetop Flatness Multiresolution Valley Bottom Flatness Planform Curvature Profile Curvature Slope Position Terrain Attributes Topographic Position Index

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