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Potential Suitability for Subirrigation in the U.S. Midwest


Benjamin Reinhart ORCID logo , Feng Yu ORCID logo , Jane Frankenberger ORCID logo , Jason Ackerson ORCID logo


This series provides shapefiles showing the potential suitability, and limiting factors, for subirrigation in the U.S. Midwest based on gSSURGO soil data from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Agriculture Agronomy Drainage Geographic Information Systems (GIS) gSSURGO Irrigation Midwest Subirrigation Water Water Management

Environmental Covariate Data for the Disaggregation of the Reconnaissance Soil Map of the Busia Area, Kenya


Darrell Schulze ORCID logo , Joshua Minai


Enviromental covariate data used to develop a digital model that represents the landscape and environmental conditions of the Busia landscape.

Agronomy Busia Area Digital Soil Mapping Disaggregate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Kenya Soil Land Rule-Based Approach

Busia Fuzzy Soil Class Map


Darrell Schulze ORCID logo , Joshua Minai


Map based on the concept that soil classes can be spatially inferred from soil-related environmental conditions.

Agronomy Busia Area Digital Soil Mapping Fuzzy Membership Values Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Kenya SoLIM

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