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2023 Diverse Corn Belt farmer survey data and metadata


Aaron W Thompson, Aslihan Spaulding, Benjamin Gramig, Elizabeth Maynard, Emily Usher, Finnleigh Doherty, J. Arbuckle, Kristin Floress, Laura A Esman, Lauren Asprooth, Linda Stalker Prokopy, 0000-0001-7076-0046, Rebecca Traldi, Renae Miller, Sarah Church Shadi Atallah


The Diverse Corn Belt project's final dataset for a mail survey conducted with agricultural producers/landowners in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa to identify pathways and barriers to diversifying the Midwestern agricultural landscape.

Agriculture Corn Belt DCB Diversification Farmers Midwestern U.S. Survey

Advisors' Climate Risk Perceptions and Use of Climate Information: 2016 Survey Data


Ajay Singh, Amber Mase, Courtney Robinson, Jenna Klink, Linda Stalker Prokopy, 0000-0001-7076-0046, Melissa Widhalm, 0000-0002-6099-4006, Sarah Church Tonya Haigh, Vikram Koundinya


Midwestern agricultural advisors were surveyed in late 2016 to measure their perceptions and attitudes about weather and climate, their awareness of the U2U project, and their use of U2U tools.

Advisors Agriculture Climate Change Corn Belt Midwest Social Science Survey U2U

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