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Hurricane Dorian Tweet IDs


Benjamin Rachunok, Douglas McWherter, Roshanak Nateghi


Tweet IDs filtered from Twitter streaming based on the keywords dorian, hurricane, hurricane dorian, hurricanedorian.  IDs collected with Social Feed Manager . Twitter terms of service prevent sharing Twitter data, but do allow for the sharing of IDs (a...

ACRE aerial photography soils

The Influence of Elevated Smoke Layers on Stratocumulus Clouds over the SE Atlantic - 1


H. Harshvardhan, Peter R. Colarco, Sampa Das


This dataset contains netcdf files with the aerosol climatologies that were used to prescribe the 3D aerosol mass in the model. This dataset is one part of a two-part series. Access the entire series here. Previous evaluations of simulated aerosol trans...

ACRE aerial photography soils

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