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gSSURGO-based Floodplain Maps of Washington


Liuying Du , Nikhil Sangwan , Venkatesh Mohan Merwade ORCID logo


This dataset provides a shapefile showing the natural floodplain for Washington. These floodplain polygons for the entire state are extracted from the gSSURGO soil data from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

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Vertical profile observations of water vapor deuterium excess in the lower troposphere


Brian H. Stirm , Kristian Hajny , Lisa R. Welp ORCID logo , Michael E. Baldwin , Olivia E. Salmon , Paul B. Shepson


Airborne vertical profile measurements of water vapor stable isotopes to examine how boundary layer, cloud, and mixing processes influence the vertical structure of deuterium-excess in the lower troposphere.

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