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Biophysical consequences of temperature acclimation for climate data


Nicholas G Smith, 0000-0001-7048-4387


Data from coupled CAM-CLM analyses examining the biophysical consequences of photosynthetic temperature acclimation for climate

CESM Climate CLM Forestry and Natural Resources latent heat flux photosynthesis Precipitation sensible heat flux Temperature

Abundance of major tree species in the eastern United States between 1980 and 2016


Christopher Oswalt, Insu Jo, Jonathon Knott, Kevin Potter, Songlin Fei, 0000-0003-2772-0166


Abundance of 86 major forest tree species in the eastern United States measured at two times between 1980 and 2016 by size classes.

Climate Change Forest Inventory Forestry and Natural Resources Tree abundance

Functional traits of major forest tree species in the eastern United States


Johanna Desprez, Songlin Fei, 0000-0003-2772-0166


A list of major functional traits of 86 major forest trees in the eastern USA. Two types of traits, physiological tolerance and dispersal ability, were included

Eastern Forest Forest Ecology Forestry and Natural Resources Functional Traits Physiological traits

Supporting data for Ma et al. 2016 G3 publication


Jingqun Ma, Pete E Pascuzzi, Vikki Marie Weake, 0000-0002-5933-9952


Supporting and raw data for Figures 1 - 5 and Figure S1 from: Ma et al. (2016) Transcriptome Profiling Identifies Multiplexin as a target of SAGA Deubiquitinase Activity in Glia.... G3 (Bethesda). PMID: 27261002.

axon guidance Biochemistry Drosophila glia Neuroscience nonstop RNA_seq SAGA sgf11 Transcriptome

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