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Data from Functional Diversity in Managed Forests


Bryan Murray, Jeffrey D Holland, 0000-0003-4889-6363, John Dunning, Keith Summerville, Michael Jenkins, Michael R Saunders, 0000-0001-5621-4321


These data correspond to a paper entitled “Functional diversity response to hardwood forest management varies across taxa and spatial scales” by Murray, Holland, Summerville, Dunning, Saunders, and Jenkins, published in the journal Ecological...

Biodiversity Birds Cerambycidae Disturbance Ecosystem Function Forestry and Natural Resources Functional Diversity Habitat Loss Lepidoptera Oak-Hickory Forests Resilience Spatial Heterogeneity Timber Harvesting

Experimental database on connections for composite special moment frames (C-SMFs)


Amit H. Varma, 0000-0001-7153-4681, Zhichao Lai


This database summarizes 165 experimental test data on beam-to-column connections for composite special moment frames (C-SMFs).

beam-to-column moment connections CFT Civil Engineering Composite special moment frames concrete-filled tube columns

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