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Abundance of major tree species in the eastern United States between 1980 and 2016


Christopher Oswalt, Insu Jo, Jonathon Knott, Kevin Potter, Songlin Fei, 0000-0003-2772-0166


Abundance of 86 major forest tree species in the eastern United States measured at two times between 1980 and 2016 by size classes.

Climate Change Forest Inventory Forestry and Natural Resources Tree abundance

PRICLE seedling size and resource availability data 2014


Jeffrey S Dukes, 0000-0001-9482-7743, Michael Schuster


These data on seedling size, soil nutrient and water availability, and leaf area index are analyzed by Schuster and Dukes in "Rainfall variability counteracts N addition by promoting invasive Lonicera maackii and extending phenology in...

Amur honeysuckle Climate Change Forestry and Natural Resources grassland growth Nitrogen phenology Pin oak Precipitation

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