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ABAQUS Code for the Simulation of Scutoid Interlocked Material Systems


Tanner Ballance, 0000-0003-4006-8096, Thomas H Siegmund, 0000-0001-8162-9609


This data set contains input files for the simulation and analysis of scutoid-based Topologically Interlocked Material systems together with those for a reference system with tetrahedra building blocks.

Abaqus Finite Element Analysis Scutoids Topologically Interlocked Material

The effect of CO2 and Far-red on distinctive stages of indoor lettuce crop production


Cary Mitchell, Erik Runkle, Fatemeh Sheibani, 0009-0002-3381-6324


The dataset includes end-point growth parameters collected for various stages of early-lettuce crops produced in indoor conditions.

Controlled environment agriculture far-red radiation Physiology red pigmentation analysis

Effects of PFOA and 6:2 FTS Across Sex and Life Stages in Xenopus Laevis


Anna Bushong, C Melman Neill, 0000-0002-3492-7424, Emma Marie Engel, 0009-0005-2890-812X, Linda S. Lee, 0000-0003-4471-7284, Maria S. Sepúlveda, 0000-0003-0473-5760, Meredith Norris Scherer, Sophia R. Horn, Tyler D Hoskins, Youn Jeong Choi, 0000-0003-2470-8129


PFAS are a global threat to environmental health due to their persistence and toxicity. The effects of PFOA and 6:2 FTS were explored in Xenopus laevis. The only effect observed was a significant increase in body weight for both PFAS supporting...

Amphibian Fluorotelomere Obesogen PFAS PFOA Toxicity

Serpentinite weathering in Puerto Rico


Angus Moore, 0000-0002-1100-5443, Darryl Granger, K. Stephen Hughes, Kimberly Méndez


Data on hydrology, weathering, and erosion in serpentinite watersheds in Puerto Rico collected 2020-2022.

Cosmogenic nuclides Earth system Erosion Puerto Rico Serpentinite Ultramafic rock weathering

ABAQUS Code for the Simulation of Wave propagation in a Row of Tetrahedra


Tanner Ballance, 0000-0003-4006-8096, Thomas H Siegmund, 0000-0001-8162-9609


This publication contains ABAQUS inp files supporting the publication Numerical study on wave propagation in a row of topologically interlocked tetrahedra in Granular Matter (2023), 25 (1)

Abaqus Finite Element Analysis Topologically Interlocked Material Wave Propagation

Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Influence on the Annual Mean Intertropical Convergence Zone Location in the Miocene


Matthew Huber, Nicholas Herold, Xiaoqing Liu


The ITCZ indices and energetic constraints on the EFEs in our Miocene simulations demonstrate that AMOC initiation pushes the annual mean ITCZ position north of the equator.

Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation CCSM Energy Flux Intertropical Convergence Zone mechanism for the northward ITCZ shift Miocene Paleoclimate

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